Some History -

  • For 2018, Manna help 6582 households, 22,652 people, and distributed 157, 086 lbs of food. Amen!
  • In 2010 Manna, on average helped 185 households every month here Van Zandt County, handing out almost 5000 lbs of food each month That totals approximately 60,000 lbs of food. 
  • In 2011 that average was 267 households and 9702 lbs of food each month, a total of 116,422 lbs of food for the year. 
  •  In 2012 the average jumped to 362 households and 13,964 lbs of food each month. That means Manna distributed around 167,540 lbs of food.
  • In 2013, Manna served an average of 394 families each month This same year, 626 new families that had never  been to Manna before have become clients.
  • In 2014, Manna implemented new guidelines for Senior citizens.  a large number of our new clients are over 55. Our shopping lists were realigned to serve them more efficiently.
  • 2014, brought in 4,428 families, a total of 14,538 people in those families and of those households 544 were first time clients. We distributed 143,390 lbs of food.